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jahudka / tracy-bar-ajax

Tracy is a perfect tool for debugging web apps, but as most of the web these days runs on AJAX, the Debugger Bar gets kind of outdated. This is an…

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apitte / core

:wrench: PSR-7 based API framework. Heart of the apitte stack. Suitable to use with Nette Framework.

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wakerscz / nette-propel2

👁️ Propel 2 ORM integration (extension) for Nette 2.4 with Tracy debugger panel. Supports all configuration features from Propel.

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dakujem / selectoo

A flexible select input for nette/forms package with capability to generate tailored scripts, namely Select2.

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mesour / editable

Inline or popover edit for Doctrine entity and collections too or use it without Doctrine :) Simple way and settings

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ublaboo / controls

Extension for Nette Framework: Some of form controls modified (no-translate select box options, checkbox list, changeable label text input, etc)

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Grid (13)

mesour / DataGrid

Mesour DataGrid for Nette with options like to dump tree, inline edit, export to csv, create sub grids and sub items, sort data using jQuery.ui…

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romansklenar / nette-datagrid

DataGrid control is a data bound list control that displays the items from datasource in a table. The DataGrid control allows you to select, sort,…

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h4kuna / assets

Nette extension for develop css and js files, automatically invalid browser cache in production mode.

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Machy8 / Macdom

🍩 The best, highly customizable HTML preprocessor with many amazing features

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Localization (16)

nedryse / simple-translator

Simple implementation of \Nette\Localization\ITranslator interface. Just print the key as is. Usefull when you have no time for managing gettext…

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Logging (1)

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BulkGate / sms

✉️ BulkGate SMS PHP SDK - The complete package for fast integration to PHP projects. Built-in support for Nette framework. Simplify your work.…

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Neon (3)

contributte / neonizer

:wrench: Collection of useful scripts for manipulaton with NEON files. Support composer pre-install / post-install events. Set/get parameters,…

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Nette (1)

nette / utils

🛠 Lightweight utilities for string & array manipulation, image handling, safe JSON encoding/decoding, validation, slug or strong password generating…

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Orm (8)

javanile / moldable

The only PHP & MySQL ORM for Continuous Delivery. Using javanile/moldable can eliminate the step of data migrations and schema changes, often manual…

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jkuchar / PdfResponse

Project that generates PDF from HTML template. Project can be integrated into Nette-based project as PresenterResponse.

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