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Apple Music Review: The Best Music Streaming App For Iphone Users

Apple Music Review

The big music library of Apple Music has elevated the music world for iPhone users. The way in which people enjoys the music has updated from the recorders to cassettes and then to MP3 files. A large number of people use an iPod because of the streaming services. Apple Music has a large range of services for people who love music.

Apple Music is a service that allows people to stream the live radio along with all the other music. It is highly compatible with many other Apple devices. One can buy it at the affordable price of $9.99; the prices vary with the plans and their features. The plan allows users to get access to unlimited features.

Here is a complete Apple Music Review with all the features, benefits and limitations.


It is a well-known music service among all the other available for the ios operating system, leading to its continuous boost. With the deep music library and its high compatibility to the Siri and Apple Watch, the streaming services of apple music have a lot to provide to the users.

To use apple music features, you have to set up an account by adding some details. Sign up, or register is easy and simple with a few steps. After signing up, every user gets a trial period of three months, after which purchasing the membership becomes necessary.

It features many songs and albums and comedy tracks to lift the mood and serve every person’s need. The audio quality of apple music is quite fine and supports the songs’ lyrics if available with the audio. You can instruct Siri to play the audio of your choice.


  • Anyone can enjoy live radio with stable internet connectivity, and it is free.
  • The big library allows the person to choose the audio according to the situation and mood.
  • The iphone users can use the “for you” feature to discover their favourite music, which is among the best benefits for audiophiles. Apple music recommends the albums and artists according to your past searches to make the suggestion relatable.
  • There are different subscriptions plans for every month so that everyone can find their suitable one. The individual plans cost $9.99, the family pack comes for $14.99, and the last one student packs charge $4.999, so select the one according to your requirements.
  • The users are allowed to add their personal favourites.


  • The user interface can be crowded sometimes, which may disturb and make your experience slow and tedious.
  • The users cannot get the ad-free experience with apple music as there is no such plan. This may be frustrating for some people; therefore, Apple Music should add this feature.
  • Apple music tends to lock all downloaded songs that may disturb your music experience, especially if you are an audiophile. After cancelling the subscription, you will lose all the downloaded songs.

Apple Music is highly preferred due to the many benefits and features that it offers to the user, which makes it an appropriate music providing servic

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