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Brave Privacy Browser Review – A Unique Browser Application

Brave Browser Review

Browser wars become more serious when your device starts lagging once you open multiple tabs on your browser. The brave browser has recently made an appearance as a newcomer in these browser wars due to some of its features. Brave browser is also a free and open-source browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc. It has native application for all types of devices like android, macOS, Linux, iOS and windows.

Brave browser only tracks the time you spend on every website you visit and creates a report on it, and when you make any donation, it is distributed among the websites according to the fraction of time spent on each.

Brave Browser


Besides the standard features that every browser software typically has, brave has some extraordinary features that separate it from the noise.

  • Brave browser removes ad from websites and webpages and blocks website trackers from following your actions and browsing activities. But instead, the browser adds its own ads in the place of removed ads and promotes personal content.
  • The browser offers faster loading of pages, and with removed ads, it requires fewer data to surf the internet.
  • Brave has a cryptocurrency-based payment section using which you can directly support the websites that you like to visit as their ads-based income will decline with removed ads for brave browser users.
  • For torrent users, the brave browser can itself work as a torrent client and eliminates the need for an extra application to be installed on your device for that.


If you are still looking for concrete reasons for switching to the brave browser, then here is a list of factors that beat other segment browsers.

  • Removes most of those blood-sucking ads on various websites using a built-in ad blocker that typically pops up on the screen on your regular browser.
  • Mobile application features multiple benefits over other browser application being lightweight and fast to load.
  • Easy sync of desktop and mobile application and has a friendly user interface.
  • Specially dedicated to your web activities’ privacy and security and does not sell your search results or history.
  • Most importantly, this browser will not let your device lag by using all available resources such as CPU or RAM.


  • Lacks extensions that were available in large numbers on browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc.
  • Many features of this website are still in beta as it is under development and not fully optimized yet.
  • Many add-ons that make work easy are also yet not available for the brave browser, so you are going to miss them too.
  • Since the browser is new, it is prone to a few security breaches, but all major known security issues are already taken care of.

Despite a few minor drawbacks of the brave browser, soon, it will be among the priority of most internet surfers as it has the potential of topping the list of best browser programs. If you are fed up with a lagging system because of your browser, you can switch to the Brave browser right away.

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