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LastPass: A Complete Review Of The Top-Rated Password Manager App

Lastpass Password Manager Review

An application that can store the unique password easily so that you do not forget them seems amazing, and LastPass is one such application with excellent abilities to remember passwords. It is a leading password manager with many layers of protection from any exploitation.

 Online personal and professional accounts demand a strong password to prevent any kind of interference, but it becomes difficult for a person to remember all the unique passwords, and the LastPass app can do it for you. The interface is user-friendly, which make it easier for the person to understand and use the features.

One can select a suitable plan from all the available ones as there are three plans, free, families and premium. The list of LastPass app features is long, and you can find them all by reading this LastPass Password Manager App Review. 


LastPass application offers high security for passwords on all the website, especially for the banking details, email passwords and social media accounts.

  • The interface of this app is what makes downloading preferable. With simple steps, you can set up an account and get a good experience. You will be pleased to use the app because of its interface.
  • LastPass app analyzes the security standards at certain intervals to ensure that all your passwords remain updated and secure. If the software finds it weak or duplicated, you will get a notification to change it. This feature will assure you of the app’s security standards with the 256-bit encryption that has never been broken in past.
  • The password generator of LastPass is great as you can type any random letters or numbers on the keypad and then create a meaningful password from it. Using this feature, you do not have to keep the same password and remember it as the same passwords can cause risk to all the other accounts if it leaks from one website.
  • Changing the password for an account on one device will update it on all the devices on which the LastPass is installed, which will make it easy to access the account from any device.


  • The app’s two-factor authentication feature ensures that no one other than you can access the account and details from any device.
  • The password recovery is easy as the device will get the recovery mail and also through text.
  • LastPass provide the feature of sharing the password or any data with other people using the app with a single click on the button.
  • The app is available for people worldwide, so the users can access it from any country, but for adding another security layer, follow the country restrictions.


  • There is no certain way to import information from some other managing apps. You can do it, but it will consume time and significant efforts.
  • Adding all the passwords to LastPass can piss you off if the app does not load at the right time due to service or any other reason, especially in emergencies. It can lead to some serious losses.
  • The live support feature is not up to the marks, making it difficult to ask for immediate help.

Despite the limitations, the LastPass app gets the best reviews due to the features it offers to the users. These limitations could not stop the app from serving its benefits to the people.

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