By rixxi

rixxi / google-authenticator

Sane OOP implementation of GAuth for PHP - Can be used as server or client - Other libraries are just (unsecure) shit or pretending to be secure or…

12   2   5.5y  

rixxi / user

NOT FINISHED At some point in the future this should be base for user functionality

58   1   5.1y  

rixxi / modular

Modularization support for Nette applications via extensions. Based on idea.

175   1   5.1y  

rixxi / lint

Deprecated use instead

82   0   6y  

rixxi / utils

Batch allows you to separate code that is fetching data and processing them in batches. It has many uses.

15   0   5.2y  

rixxi / form-factory

Interface which simplifies life with forms in Nette, not only when it comes to custom themes and templates.

61   0   5.2y  

rixxi / event

DO NOT USE rixxi/redirector is better replacement. Fails to solve $presenter->redirect([$code, ], $destination[, $arguments]) for you in civilized…

15   0   5.1y  
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