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Smush Wordpress Plugin – Detailed Review And An Overall Review!!

Smush Plugin Review

When it comes to improving the loading speed of the wordpress site, optimizing images is among the vital factors to consider while altering your wordpress website and reduce the bounce rate incredibly. One must consider that every page contains individual images, which deliver a single HTTP request to the main header.

Thus, optimizing images will help in reducing the loading speed of your wordpress website, tremendously reduce the load on your site server, saving storage space available on the server and reduce the cost associated with storing the website files, and reduces the bandwidth network, hence, cutting the cost related to hosting. That means it is not only for search engines and users that you are required to optimize the pictures present over your wordpress site.

One of the crucial reasons for using the WP smush is that it will tremendously reduce the cost associated with the server, especially when you have a bigger website. To help you understand why Smush WordPress Plugin is essential to your website, you will find every detail in this Smush WordPress Plugin Review. 

Wordpress Image Optimization 

Every developer knows the importance of image optimization; there are numerous free and paid plugins available over the internet, allowing you to automatically optimize the image without having the need to make use of photoshop or any other editing tools. These plugins will automatically remove the data integrated with the image and optimize it completely. One should know that Smush WordPress Plugin has outperformed other plugins in term of image optimization. 

Testing Google Page Speed Insight Tools With WP Smush

When initiating a test using non-optimized images available on google page speed insights with WP smush. It will notify the users about the priority task, which needs immediate attention, and the plugin will feature it under the head of should fix. Once you have activated the plugin now, you can smush all the images on every page one by one throughout the testing page.

After that, you will be provided optimization results, and those alerts will be transferred to the head of considering fixing, and it will help improve the total loading speed of the website. So, it is clear that Smush WordPress Plugin works incredibly with Google and helps increase the speed score of your website, and automatically, it will improve your website’s ranking. 

Pros And Cons Of Smush Wordpress Plugin


  • It can do wonders with the Google Pagespeed insights tool. 
  • The optimization only happens when it begins to take resources from a server plugin instead of your wordpress site, and it is considered best for those websites hosted on a shared hosting server.  
  • You can easily smush incredible numbers of pictures. 
  • The smush plugin will automatically reduce and optimize the size of the newly uploaded images. 


  • Smush plugin will only optimize resized images after installation, that means the original pictures will be present as it is. 
  • When it comes to smushing bulk images, the smush plugin limits optimization to 50 pictures only. 
  • The image will not be optimized in case you have removed the thumbnails. 

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