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Sucuri Plugin – Detailed Review And A Complete Overview!!!

Sucuri Plugin Review

When it comes to wordpress security, the Sucuri website is among the top plugins. Developers should know that every wordpress site should be integrated with security plugins, and one cannot go wrong by incorporating the Sucuri scanner plugin on their wordpress website.

Moreover, the company provides a premium version for those businessmen who want to cover some additional areas, but there are over 1 million who consider the free version of Sucuri adequate for safeguarding their wordpress website and protecting it from potential attackers. In this detailed Sucuri Plugin Review, you will be able to explore the features offered by the Sucuri, and it will help you determine whether this plugin is perfect for your wordpress site security or not. 

How To Set Up The Sucuri Plugin? 

Installing the Sucuri Plugin is one of the easiest tasks to do as you can download the plugin from the Sucuri page available on the plugin repository and install it. After that, you need to open the plugins and click on the new option available on the WP admin panel. Once activated, you will see a new menu with pop-out features named Sucuri security. 

After setting up the Sucuri Plugin, you need to look at the dashboard before you make any changes in your settings, as it will tell you about the base security system of your wordpress website. Moreover, Sucuri Plugin will highlight the essential issues with your wordpress website and also provide information regarding whether the WP and PHP versions are updated or not.

You might also notice some false positive reviews; you can open some of them to review as Sucuri Plugin has red-flagged some of the files, which are not malicious but show false positives and the best thing about Sucuri Plugin it will also scan the core of the WP files.

And if you modify the files red-flagged by the Sucuri, it will let you review all the changes you have made. Therefore, you must maintain a secure and clean website. Moreover, it also runs a scan for determining whether your wordpress site is blacklisted by any services or not. 

How To Make Use Of Sucuri Plugin?

Once you get comfortable with the wordpress dashboard when integrated with Sucuri Plugin. Now, you need to run a complete website scan. To do that, you need to create an API key, which you can do from the Sucuri dashboard. Once the scanning process starts, it will look deep enough to check for minor and significant threats. 

Good Sides About Sucuri Plugin

It helps in removing malware from your already hacked website. 

It will remove your website from the blacklist of any services. 

It will assist you in accessing the hacked website even after you get locked out. 

It will put an end to DDoS attacks and hacking. 

Bad Sides About Sucuri Plugin

The company lacks customer support service. 

The pro version is a bit pricey, but it will do wonders if you have the budget to go for the premium version. 

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