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VLC Media Player: Review On The Best Media Player For Android!

VLC Media Player Review

The versatile and great media player of all time is the VLC player. For android users, it is known to be the best media player with an easy to use interface. It is highly popular because it picks up and plays whatever file format it receives. Any Mp3 or Mp4 file can be played on the VLC player. There are several other features of this player that you will find in the following section.

These features make it a must-have player in the device so that you can access any audio or video stored on the phone. Visit the play store on the android phone and download it from there for absolutely free. For further information, proceed to the other section, as you will get the complete VLC for Android Review here.


It is a powerful media player that can be accessed right from the smartphone at any place. It can handle a good variety of files, whether it is audio or video file. The popularity is high for a reason, and it is not a single reason; there are many to it.

The downloading is free so that everyone can enjoy the ultimate features. Although it does not cost a single cent, the device should have an internet connection. The optimization of video and audio files is automatic, and the media player’s streaming feature makes it the best choice.

The VLC media player is aware of all the file formats, which means you can go to a single application for accessing the music and video from those files. With the streaming feature, you can stream the movies and videos inline and then decide if it is meant for download or not.

You can play even the ZIP files on the VLC player without even unpacking it, and the sound can be increased upto 200% if the audio is not audible, but it is only possible in the downloaded videos.


  • VLC media player allows the users to download videos even from youtube in high quality.
  • With the simple interface, anyone can use it easily without any special accessing skills.
  • The android users can use the VLC player to convert video to audio files if they wish to, and this feature benefits the users if the phone’s storage is too low to offer the space for video.
  • The in-built equalizer increases the sound without degrading its quality, and it is a feature of only a few media players.
  • A wide range of file formats is supported on the VLC media player.


  • If you wish to play the VLC player files, you have to open them from the respective folders in which they have been stored.
  • VLC player does not have the feature that allows the users to manage the playlists, and you will not be able to use the tags.
  • Customization of the user’s interface is not possible in the VLC player.

VLC player is considered one of the best media players to date and can be used to play any file format, so apart from a few limitations, you will get the best experience on this player.

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