WP Rocket Plugin Review – Webpage Caching Plugin

WP Rocket Plugin Review

WP Rocket has recently emerged as the best website speed-boosting plugin that uses a website’s cache to do so. This wordpress plugin allows you to set up an optimizing feature on your website that loads your website’s static data whenever someone revisits your platform instead of dynamic data. This process makes the page load faster as it has loaded a compressed cache instead of the original website data.

Configuring the WP rocket plugin with your wordpress site is pretty easy and can be accomplished in a few simple steps. For the tool’s proper functioning, you need to remove the W3 total cache plugin, which comes by default with most wordpress themes. Once you have bought the plugin’s license, you can download and install it in your wordpress plugin upload section.


As already discussed, the WP rocket plugin’s primary feature is to do page caching of your wordpress website. For this, the tool creates static cached data of your website, and whenever someone visits your website, this cache is loaded.

  • This cache creation and cache loading are maintained efficiently by the plugin. As soon as you make changes to your actual website, the plugin creates a new cache and replaces the old cache data with the new one for future loadings.
  • This tool is highly compatible with most wordpress tools and Plugins; therefore, it can easily create a cache of most of the data on your website without any struggle.
  • Ecommerce store websites can work faster and in an optimized manner on using this platform. WP rocket will help your ecommerce site to rank easily by improving its loading speed.
  • It is built to store a cache of all types of data on the website like images, JSS, CSS, mapping address etc., so that the static page also responds like a dynamic page itself.


One can compare the features mentioned above with any other cache plugin for wordpress, and you will notice that WP rocket outperforms most of them easily.

  • Installing and linking the tool with your current wordpress site is quick and straightforward.
  • Once installed, managing and understanding the tool is also easy. Moreover, the developers provide a customer support team to help you with the tool.
  • The plugin is efficient to increase the website speed two to three times, increasing the website response rate and ranking eventually.


  • According to the plugin’s feedback, one primary reason for the setback of the tool is that it only comes in paid version while many of its opponents offer free of cost tools for wordpress caching.
  • Furthermore, it has been noticed that sometimes the cache preload bot used by WP rocket to store cache on the native device causes CPU overload.

However, these are not some serious issues and if you have the budget, then using this plugin is worth it as it will increase the website speed by many folds. The plugin makes it easy to beat your competition by making your website fast and ranked.

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